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What to Expect at Your Next Eye Exam

Eye exams are incredibly important for your vision health. They allow your eye doctor to take a thorough look at your eyes, detect any signs of potential eye conditions, and educate you on how best to protect your eyesight. If you’ve never had a comprehensive eye exam before, you may be wondering what happens during […]

It’s Not Too Late to Use Your Flex Dollars on Eye Care!

Keeping your eyes healthy is essential, but insurance doesn’t always cover your needs. Quality eye care can be expensive, so finding ways to reduce costs can help your budget.  One great way to save on vision costs is with a flexible spending account. You may have access to one and not even know! Keep reading […]

3 Ways to Know It’s Time to Think About Dry Eye Treatment

You’ve probably experienced dry eye symptoms at some point in your life. It can happen to anyone, at any time, for any number of reasons.  However, dry eye isn’t always chronic. Sometimes, it’s an issue that can be mitigated.  So how do you know when treatment is appropriate? Keep reading to learn three ways to […]

What Happens If I Don’t Treat My Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes are a common allergy symptom and also often occur when seasons change. Millions of people suffer from dry eyes every year. Most people experience them as the seasons and environmental conditions shift. But, if you have chronic dry eyes that stay with you year-round, you may have a deeper issue. Keep reading to […]

  • Posted on: Oct 29 2021
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3 Signs Your Dry Eyes Aren’t Allergies

Your eyes are a very sensitive part of your body. This is particularly clear during months when pollen counts are high. Pollen causes many people to have itchy, swollen, and red eyes as their body fights it. But, your eye symptoms could also be from another source. You could have something called chronic dry eye […]

  • Posted on: Jun 18 2021
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Are Your Allergies Making Your Dry Eye Symptoms Worse?

Dry eye affects millions of people every year. An estimated 5% to 15% of Americans are currently suffering from the effects of chronic dry eyes. That is up to 49 million people. Many things can contribute to your dry eye. But one thing that stands out, particularly during this time of year, is allergies. Keep […]

  • Posted on: May 21 2021
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Have You Had A Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Can’t remember the last time you had an eye exam? That’s usually a sign it’s time for your next one! Having regular yearly eye exams is an important part of keeping your body healthy. Keep reading to learn more about why eye exams are necessary! Comprehensive Eye Exam vs. Vision Screenings While vision screenings are […]

  • Posted on: Mar 26 2019
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Couple enjoying the snow after LASIK

3 Ways To Help Dry Eye This Winter

Winter can be hard to get through for a whole lot of reasons. The snowy roads, the shorter days, and, of course, the cold, bitter and dry air. Winter wind dries out your skin, leaving it itchy, cracked, and in pain. Like your skin, your eyes experience many of the same symptoms during winter. Redness, […]

  • Posted on: Jan 22 2019
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Really, Toy Guns Are Dangerous for Your Eyes

A report published in a medical journal reinforces what that the American Academy of Ophthalmology has said many times. Projectile toys are not safe. Ophthalmologists from Moorfield’s Eye Hospital reported this month on three patients injured by Nerf gun darts. Some people may think Nerf darts are safe because they’re softer than other darts. But […]

Diabetes and Eye Health

Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability to produce or use insulin effectively to control blood sugar (glucose) levels. Although glucose is an important source of energy for the body’s cells, too much glucose in the blood for a long time can cause damage in many parts of the body, including the heart, […]

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