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Before and After Surgery

Wondering what to expect with your LASIK surgery?

LASIK Surgeon

It’s important to know and understand the steps associated before and after your LASIK surgery to help you and your doctor achieve the best possible outcome for your vision.

Before Your LASIK Surgery

First, a consultation is required between the patient and an eye professional. The consultation will take two to three hours, in which your eyes will be examined and tested by one of our doctors to determine if you are eligible for LASIK. The eye test will include the study of your pupil dilation, corneal thickness, and refraction. Your medical history will be discussed in order to achieve a safe and comfortable procedure.

Our main goal with the one-on-one consultation is to determine whether you meet the criteria for surgery, for you to gain knowledge about the procedure, and to make you feel comfortable about moving forward with the surgery. Your doctor will go through the entire surgical procedure step-by-step with you and will answer any questions that you have regarding your personal eye health and how the surgery will affect you.

Below are a few things to remember before your LASIK procedure:

  • Wear comfortable clothing the day of your scheduled surgery. Avoid wool, fleece, and any other material that causes lint.
  • There are no eating or drinking restrictions on your surgery day.
  • If medication is taken 24 hours before the procedure, make sure to consult and notify your doctor/surgeon immediately.
  • Do not wear eye makeup 24 hours before your surgical procedure. If makeup is detected, your surgery will be postponed. The use of makeup can cause serious infection and bacteria build-up, and results in slow healing time after surgery. This precaution should be taken very seriously.
  • Consumption of alcohol is not recommended on the day of your surgery. Alcohol causes dehydration and results in a slower recovery period after undergoing LASIK surgery.
  • Do not bring children with you on the day of your surgery. If necessary, make arrangements for a caregiver before your scheduled surgery.
  • Please be advised that your eyes will be irritated and light-sensitive after surgery. These symptoms will go away 24 hours after your procedure. Do not drive yourself home after your scheduled surgery. It is your responsibility to arrange transportation accordingly.
  • Most likely, you will require time away from work. Please arrange the appropriate amount of scheduled time-off from your place of employment. Our surgeons and medical professionals can provide you with a medical note if needed. Please ask for a medical note well in advance of your scheduled surgery day.
  • Do not wear perfumes, lotions, or other fragrances on the day of your surgery. If perfume, lotions, or other fragrances are worn within 24 hours and are detected the day of your surgery, the surgery will be postponed.
  • Arrange for a caretaker before your scheduled surgery day if you and your medical doctor believe you will need one post-surgery. Those who have a history of serious medical problems or are over 70 years of age may be eligible for a caretaker. Consult your family doctor or medical professional if unsure. Be advised that Associates in Ophthalmology is not accountable for the cost of a caretaker. The cost of caretaking services is dependent on the patient undergoing surgery.

After Your LASIK Surgery

After the surgery is complete, you will be placed in a waiting area, in which you will rest for a short period of time. Your doctor will check on your cornea and your overall health and wellbeing. You will be provided with sunglasses and eye drops. The sunglasses are specially designed for those who have undergone laser eye surgery, so please be advised that regular over-the-counter or prescription sunglasses are not recommended. The specialty sunglasses protect and heal your cornea. Wear the sunglasses immediately following the completion of your LASIK surgery and follow the eye drop instructions as recommended.

Most LASIK procedures result in minimal recovery time. In fact, patients can be back to work within 24 hours after their procedure. If your vision is clear and you feel well enough to return to work the day after your procedure, think about your workplace atmosphere and if you will be at risk to any dust or other eye irritants or possible eye trauma. Any type of office work will be suitable and considered a low-risk atmosphere for eye trauma. If you believe your workplace is low risk of causing trauma to your eyes, then you may return to work. If you are unsure of whether your workplace is a low or high risk for eye trauma, do not go in the following day after your procedure. Do not risk infection or trauma to your eye if unnecessary. Similarly, though you are prohibited from driving on the day of your procedure, as soon as you feel comfortable with your vision, you may begin driving again.

To learn more about pre and post-op care for LASIK surgery at Associates in Ophthalmology, please schedule an appointment or call us at 973-992-5200.

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