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Cataracts are an issue that everyone will face at some point. While they may not be as serious as some other eye conditions, they have a very real effect on us.

In the past, surgeons had to wait until cataracts were “ripe” before removing them. With new technology and surgical methods, you may not have to wait at all.

Keep reading for 3 signs that you should think about getting cataract surgery this summer!

1. Your Vision is Affecting Your Lifestyle

You can go for months or years having cataracts and not even realize that you have them. Cataracts affect your vision by blocking light from entering your eyes through the lens.

When they are first forming, they are so small that vision is not affected at all. Coupled with the fact that they grow slowly, most people only notice them when their vision does become affected.

Outdoor activities like golf can be affected if you have more mature cataracts. Vision loss is noticeable when doing up-close activities like knitting or reading. There is no reason for you to miss out this summer if your cataracts are bothering you!

2. The Summer Sun is Causing Glare

Not every cataract is the same. While there is some overlap in symptoms such as blurry vision, different kinds of cataracts can cause unique symptoms.

One symptom that is particularly noticeable is glare. Glare occurs when light bounces off a cataract and scatters around the inside of the eye. This can cause discomfort when the light scatters around the eye, instead of focusing on the retina.

3. Night Driving Seems Dangerous to You

Since cataracts affect vision by blocking light, it is noticeable in low light situations. This is especially true when you are driving at night.

Driving can be dangerous when headlights from oncoming traffic or streetlamps have halos around them. This can become quite distracting when it’s dark outside.

If you do not feel safe driving, you should stop immediately until you have cataract surgery. This is more than inconvenient, but it is for your own safety as well as the safety of others on the road.

How Surgeons Remove Cataracts

Cataracts are an unfortunate byproduct of life, but thanks to cataract surgery, it’s easy to remove them. Cataract surgery is one of the safest procedures in the world and takes less than 15 minutes to perform.

The doctor begins by numbing the eye and opening the cornea like a hatch. They then insert a probe through the pupil to break apart the lens that houses the cataract.

The broken lens is removed with light suction and then replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). The cornea is carefully closed, and recovery begins immediately. Cataract removal is an outpatient procedure, so you will be returning home the same day.

Tired of living with cataracts? Schedule a cataract screening with Associates in Ophthalmology in Livingston, NJ!

It’s the perfect time to learn more about the procedure and what recovery is like! Why continue suffering from cataracts if you don’t have to?