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Living with glasses and contacts can be a hassle. Needing to use them daily adds stress and responsibility to your day. People who can see clearly and don’t need visual aids don’t worry about these things. 

Fortunately, there are ways for you to access this simpler lifestyle, even if you’ve worn glasses your entire life. Laser vision correction can provide you with crisp eyesight and end your need for visual aids.

Keep reading to learn about the advantages of laser vision correction and find out how you can achieve visual freedom!

What is Laser Vision Correction?

Laser vision correction fixes refractive errors with laser vision procedures. These include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. 

The most common laser vision correction procedure is LASIK. But others are just as effective. Even if you want LASIK, you may not be a good candidate. 

Another common laser vision correction procedure is PRK Although LASIK and PRK are different, they aim to correct your vision and provide you with visual freedom. 

Each of these laser vision correction procedures uses a laser to correct the shape of your cornea. By reshaping the cornea, your surgeon can achieve permanent results in your vision.

How Does Laser Vision Correct Your Eyesight?

All laser vision correction procedures work to correct the shape of your cornea. Misshapen corneas cause light to scatter or focus in the wrong spots in your eyes.

Using lasers, your eye doctor can alter the shape of your cornea so that it focuses light directly onto your retina. This results in clear vision, at all ranges, without glasses or contacts.

The process is similar for all laser vision correction procedures. Your surgeon exposes the middle layer of your cornea to a laser.

In LASIK, they create a flap with the outer layer of your cornea, called the epithelium, to access the middle layer or stroma. PRK removes your epithelium and doesn’t involve creating a flap.

During these procedures, once your surgeon can access your stroma, they remove tiny pieces of tissue from it to smooth out the surface of your cornea. At the end of LASIK, they replace the initial flap they created and leave it to heal on its own.

In PRK, your epithelium needs to grow back, which it can do independently, but it takes longer. This gives PRK a longer recovery compared to other laser vision correction procedures.

What are the Benefits of Laser Vision Correction?

The result is the same, no matter which laser vision correction procedure you choose. These procedures correct your vision, so you no longer need to depend on visual aids.

They give you visual freedom by ending your need for glasses or contacts. After laser vision correction, you should see clearly at all ranges without visual aids.

These procedures end your need for eyewear and the costs associated with them. They give you visual freedom, so you don’t need to tote glasses or contacts around.

And, they let you see the world through your own eyes. It will be the best vision of your life because you won’t be relying on an external source like glasses or contacts to bring your world into focus.

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