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It’s almost the end of 2015, how many of your goals have you accomplished? If you haven’t ticked everything off your list there’s no need to fret – you still have time! Now is the perfect time to accomplish any lingering resolutions and step up to the plate. While you’re mulling over what’s left to achieve, why not start with you health. If you’ve been considering bettering your eyesight permanently there is no time like the present! Here are a few reasons why now is the time for LASIK!

The Season for LASIK

What’s To Know?

So you’ve been mulling over the idea of LASIK for some time now. You’re sick and tired of your glasses, you always muck up your contact lenses – enough is enough! If you’re uncertain for any reason, here are a few simple facts to ease your mind about LASIK. First of all, at Associates in Ophthalmology we provide a 100% blade-free LASIK experience via Blade Free IntraLase. IntraLase is unique in that it boasts (2-3 micron) accuracy and fires 15,000 pulses per second into the cornea, which means that patients are drastically less likely to need follow-up enhancements. On account of people responding differently to various lasers, there are a few different kinds. Here is an outline of the most common:
Spot Scanning Lasers – These lasers use small 0.8 to 2 mm diameter laser beams that scan across the cornea to produce the treatment zone. They are also known as “flying spot” lasers, typically delivering the smoothest corneal treatments. Spot scanning lasers allow for customized treatments and are better at treating irregular astigmatism.

Slit Scanning Lasers – These lasers use small beams that are linked to a rotational device with slit holes that enlarge as the laser scans across them during surgery. If an eye tracker is not used, or if the surgeon doesn’t have sufficient experience mapping is based on how light travels through the eye, and it is completely unique to each patient., slit-scanning lasers may have a greater risk of decentration and overcorrection.

Wavefront Guided Lasers – Whether the laser is a spot scanning or split scanning laser, it may be connected to a wavefront device that can map defects in the optical system of the eye. This

Second, LASIK is remarkably safe and consistently provides great results. It’s actually been since 1996 that the FDA has approved of LASIK as an officially safe procedure. It’s estimated that 96% of patients achieve 20/20 vision or better. If you are currently suffering from nearsightedness, astigmatism or farsightedness, LASIK may be just what the doctor ordered! There are just a few things to take into consideration when assessing if you’re a candidate for LASIK. If you have myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, keratoconus or presbyopia, these are conditions that LASIK is able to alleviate. Aside from that, you must be over the age of 18, overall healthy eyes, not currently pregnant along with adequate corneal thickness.

Why Now?

So why is now the best time for LASIK? Two reasons: starting 2016 on your best foot (or with your best vision) and all of the lens-free living you’ll want to do during the winter! As prior mentioned, the end of the year is always when we reflect on the events that have occurred and how we have grown. What have you achieved? What are you proud of? What is still to be done before the clock runs out? Now is the time to act! If you’ve been dreaming of lens-free living then book your free consultation. On a personal level, lens-free living is the best for winter activities. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast then it should be crystal clear to you the benefits of living without glasses or contact lenses. From hitting the slopes to the ice rink or even the tobogganing hill, winter sports are best enjoyed without the fuss of glasses! Not to mention, potentially the most annoying aspect of wearing glasses in the winter months, your lenses fogging up every time to go indoors! If you’re an outdoors person or even if you just want to make a smashing impression for your New Year’s Eve party, you should definitely consider the many benefits of LASIK. If not for yourself, as a gift for your loved one that fits this persona!

Are you ready to take the plunge and join the millions of satisfied people who have received LASIK? We’re ready when you are! To learn more about Associates in Ophthalmology visit our website. To learn more about our various comprehensive financing options, click here. Don’t let 2015 slip through your fingers without accomplishing your goals!