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Thousands of clinical studies have shown the value of marine-based omega-3s (EPA and DHA) in improving health across numerous conditions.

Based on this vast body of support, PRN products have been formulated to contain both a high amount of DHA and EPA, which are natural anti-inflammatories that support healthy cellular function.

Additionally, PRN’s omega-3 products are in a re-esterified triglyceride form, the same form that the omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) are in when we absorb them from eating fish, but without the contaminants commonly seen in fish. As shown in the diagram below, there are three commonly available forms of omega-3 products: unpurified native oil, ethyl ester forms, and re-esterified triglyceride forms.

Fish oil naturally occurs in the triglyceride form and can be pressed from fish into unpurified native oil. Unfortunately, unpurified native oils also have high levels of PCB, dioxin, and mercury contamination. Some manufacturers provide omega-3s as unpurified native oil, allowing for optimal absorption by the body, but with contaminants as well.

To remove these contaminants, most manufacturers concentrate and microdistill the oil with ethyl alcohol. Most fish oil in North America is sold in this ethyl ester form. The ethyl ester form, though, is poorly absorbed by the body, can be potentially harmful in large quantities, and often results in side-effects like “fish burps.”

To create pure, yet potent products, PRN adds one more step in the process to convert the contaminant-free ethyl ester form back into a naturally occurring triglyceride form. Additionally, every batch of PRN product is third-party tested to ensure we adhere to the same standards of quality and purity as prescription brands. This means that PRN products offer superior absorption, purity, potency, tolerability, and health benefit.

Lastly, PRN is committed to the environment and therefore chooses only sustainable fish as the sources for its omega-3s.

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