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A report published in a medical journal reinforces what that the American Academy of Ophthalmology has said many times. Projectile toys are not safe. Ophthalmologists from Moorfield’s Eye Hospital reported this month on three patients injured by Nerf gun darts.

Some people may think Nerf darts are safe because they’re softer than other darts. But the three patients all experienced pain and blurred vision that took days or weeks to go away. Projectiles can cause serious eye injuries. Eye scrapes, bleeding, cataracts, increased eye pressure and permanent vision loss are all possible.

An article by the BBC about the BMJ report highlights another potential danger. Off-brand replacement darts can be harder than the Nerf brand, causing more damage.

The Academy’s guidance about projectile toys remains the same:
They are unsafe and you should think about buying something else.
If you do buy them for your children, supervise them while they play.
Everyone, even adults, should wear eye protection while using projectile toys.
Always follow manufacturer warnings and age guidelines.