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What’s not to love about the holiday season? Buying gifts is a great activity and a way to show your loved ones you care.

It’s all about finding that perfect gift for them, but don’t forget about yourself as well! This holiday season, everyone is thinking about that new thing they want.

But things aren’t everything. Why not invest in something life-changing instead?

LASIK is the perfect way to give yourself a gift that literally keeps on giving! Keep reading to find out why LASIK is this year’s best holiday gift!

A Holly, Jolly, Glasses-Free Life

Who wouldn’t want to get rid of their glasses? They steam up when it’s cold outside, they don’t always go with your festive outfits, and they can get lost or damaged.

Simply put, they limit you. Contacts aren’t much better.

They are almost invisible but they come with their own challenges. They can still fall out and get lost and damaged.

For many people, they can be quite uncomfortable to put in, and you have to replace them constantly. Not to mention, they need a lot of maintenance to ensure your eyes are safe.

Living a life that’s free from glasses provides small but countless improvements to your lifestyle. Who can say how much the feeling of waking up with clear vision is worth?

Or the peace of mind you get from knowing that you will always be able to see without having to think about where your glasses are? Those little things can add up to some pretty big things!

Will LASIK Cost You Five Golden Rings?

LASIK is not a cheap gift to give yourself, and it shouldn’t be. LASIK will never be inexpensive because of the technology and training required to keep it safe.

This is what gives you predictable results and a safe experience. But you don’t need to be Scrooge to be able to afford LASIK.

You can divide the total cost of LASIK into smaller and easier to pay installments over many months. This makes LASIK easier to fit into a budget.

You can even look into financing options for LASIK or programs like FSAs and HSAs to bring the total cost of your procedure down. FSAs and HSAs allow you to spend pre-tax dollars on the surgery.

Talk to your employer to find out if they offer a program and if so, how they work for you.

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Winter is a great time to consider LASIK because you are already spending a lot of time indoors. After LASIK, you will need to go through a recovery process.

For the beginning of this recovery, you will need to lay low and stay inside. It is much easier to do that when it’s already too cold to go out!

Want to learn more about LASIK and if it could be right for you? Schedule your LASIK consultation at Associates in Ophthalmology in Livingston, NJ.

If you’ve ever dreamed of clear vision that you can enjoy for the rest of your life, LASIK may be the way to go!