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If you have scheduled your LASIK procedure, you’ve already taken an exciting step toward clear vision with reduced dependence on glasses or contact lenses. However, properly preparing for the surgery itself and the healing process post-operation is absolutely vital for the best outcomes possible. 

Keep reading to learn how to prepare yourself for your upcoming LASIK surgery!

The Weeks Before LASIK

Preparing for LASIK surgery will require some adjustments in the weeks following your procedure. This time is essential for taking necessary precautions to ensure surgery and recovery are as smooth as possible.


During your LASIK consultation, your LASIK surgeon will likely prescribe antibiotic eye drops and anti-inflammatory eye drops to help your eyes heal after LASIK. Be sure to pick these up well in advance of your LASIK procedure date. 

Proper use of these medicated eye drops is crucial for ensuring the best vision outcome and avoiding possible complications. You may also want to stock up on artificial tears to keep your eyes lubricated during your recovery from LASIK surgery.


You will not be able to drive yourself home after the LASIK procedure. Arrange for a friend or family member to provide transportation on surgery day.

They can also help care for you in the initial recovery stage. Select someone responsible who can assist at first with instilling your post-op eye drops, if needed. 

Relying on someone ensures you get home safely to rest. Your eye doctor may also provide additional guidelines on eating or drinking prior to your procedure, arranging time off work, and more. 

Carefully review all instructions during this preparation phase and ask questions about anything that seems confusing or concerning. Taking proactive measures sets you up for the best results.

Night Before LASIK

The night before your scheduled LASIK procedure, make sure to take any necessary steps to set yourself up for a smooth surgery and recovery. This includes meal prepping, preparing items you’ll need immediately after surgery, and getting ample rest.

Meal Prep

You likely won’t feel like cooking in the days following your LASIK surgery. Prepare some easy meals in advance that can simply be reheated. 

Options like soups, chilis, casseroles, and pasta dishes are good choices. Stock up on nutritious, gentle foods like applesauce, yogurt, oatmeal, and smoothies to start.

Rest Up

Aim to get to bed early the night before your eye surgery. It’s vital that you’re well-rested. 

Follow any specific pre-bedtime instructions your LASIK surgeon provided. Set out comfortable clothes, and make sure electronic devices are fully charged as well.

Staying on top of preparation the day before LASIK helps you to ensure a smooth healing process and the best possible results from your laser eye surgery. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your eye doctor with any last-minute questions, too.

Planning Your Activities

As you prepare for LASIK surgery, you’ll need to temporarily adjust your routine and limit certain activities during the recovery period. Stock up on audiobooks, magazines, movies, and games to keep you occupied while limiting screen time after surgery.

Clearing your schedule of obligations, letting people know you’ll be recovering, preparing projects to maintain rest, and planning entertainment options will help the post-op period go smoothly. Taking it easy initially leads to better LASIK results long-term.

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