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LASIK eye surgery is a popular procedure that can correct vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. If you’re considering LASIK, you may have questions about what the procedure entails and how long it takes. 

Keep reading to learn more about LASIK, including how long the procedure takes!

What is LASIK?

LASIK is a type of refractive eye surgery that uses a laser to reshape the front surface of your eye, known as the cornea, and improve vision. By reshaping the cornea, the light enters the eye correctly. 

This adjustment compensates for common vision disorders that prevent light from focusing directly on the retina. The precision of LASIK technology allows the surgery to be customized to each patient’s specific needs.

It is one of the most common and successful elective procedures performed today. Many people choose LASIK to gain greater visual freedom and reduce their dependence on visual aids like glasses and contact lenses.

What Happens During LASIK?

LASIK is an outpatient procedure, meaning you will get to go home the same day. Here are the steps that will happen on the day of your procedure:


Before LASIK surgery, your eye doctor will instill numbing drops in your eye to reduce discomfort. The area around the eye will also be cleaned, and a drape will be placed to keep the area sterile.

Flap Creation

First, your LASIK surgeon will use a laser or blade to create a thin, circular flap on the cornea. This flap is lifted up to expose the middle corneal layer underneath.

Laser Reshaping

With the corneal flap positioned out of the way, a different laser is applied to the exposed corneal tissue. It gently reshapes this layer to refocus light entering the eye and correct vision.

Flap Reposition

After the laser reshapes the cornea, your LASIK surgeon smoothly repositions the flap over the treated area. The flap then acts as a natural bandage as the corneal tissue heals underneath.

The precision involved and the use of advanced laser technology make the surgery accurate, customized, and safe for most candidates.

How Long Is LASIK?

The LASIK procedure itself may sound involved, but the actual procedure is fairly quick. The entire appointment at the surgery center can take two to three hours, but the laser treatment phase, where the cornea is reshaped, takes only about ten to fifteen minutes per eye.

This is because advanced lasers used in LASIK are extremely precise, accurate, and efficient. The laser can map the unique topography of each eye and then reshape the cornea in just minutes. 

This short treatment time is one of the benefits of modern LASIK technology. While the prep work, checks from your LASIK surgeon, and recovery time add to the total appointment length, you can expect the actual LASIK treatment to go by smoothly and in the blink of an eye. 

Knowing the laser portion is fast and focuses on reshaping the cornea may help you feel at ease with your procedure.

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