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A new pair of glasses can be exciting, but with so many styles, colors and brands to choose from, narrowing down the selection to just one or two pairs (if you’re lucky) can be a challenge! You want to make sure that the pair you commit to is versatile, suits your style, matches with all your outfits and more importantly, is one that you’ll like for at least the next year. Most people opt for a new pair of glasses if there’s a noticeable change in their prescription given by an annual comprehensive eye exam.

When looking for a new pair of frames, a good place to start is with your face shape. There are certain styles that complement every face shape while others are less complementary and should be avoided. The following is a guideline for what to look for based on your face shape:


If you have an oval face shape, it can be hard to find a pair of glasses that you can’t pull off. Rectangular and even round frames provide a nice contrast to your balanced facial curves. Avoid oversized frames because you want to ensure that the bottom of the frame hits right about your cheekbone. In your particular case, bold isn’t bad; so don’t be afraid to try on everything!


Full cheeks, a wider forehead and round chin characterize round faces. If you have a round face, then the number one rule when it comes to choosing a pair of frames is to avoid round frames! Round frames will work in the opposite way you want them to, making your face look even rounder. You want to look for frames that are rectangular and strong to elongate the face and avoid glasses that are too small, which can have the same effect as round glasses. Cat eye frames tend to work well with round faces. By drawing attention to the outer corners of the eye, the eyes appear wider and farther apart.


If you have a heart shape face, oval and round shape glasses will provide balance to the widths of your face. The styles of frames to look for are the complete opposite to that of the ones for round faces. You want to avoid frames that are too fancy and that draw attention to the upper part of the face. Rimless styles work well with this face shape because they keep the attention off the upper part of the face to provide more balance.


If you have a square face, narrower oval and rectangular styles with rounded edges are great for softening a strong, square jaw line. Oval and curvy, rounded edges that are wide will also help to give length to your face. Avoid very angular rectangular frames that may make your face appear squarer. You want to add contrast to the sharp contour of your face by softening it with rounded edges on frames.

Of course there are plenty of exceptions to the rules above, but these general guidelines can be helpful when narrowing down the overwhelming selection of frames. Once you’ve decided on a frame, then you must decide on a color – decisions, decisions! This is based on your personal preference and style, but most people go with black or tortoise because they are classic and match with everything.

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