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One of the most important parts of LASIK that you, as the patient, will be in control of is recovery. It is vital that you take very good care of your eyes and follow all instructions from your LASIK surgeon.

Many patients repeat common mistakes after LASIK even though they are easy to avoid. To make sure you do not follow in their footsteps, here are 3 common mistakes to avoid after LASIK!

Rubbing Your Eyes

Your eyes will be itchy after LASIK. This may take a few days to go away. Even though it is tempting, do not rub your eyes at all! During LASIK, a flap is made in your cornea and left to heal when it gets put back down.

This flap is very sensitive and will be prone to tearing for some time. It is a good idea to avoid rubbing your eyes in general! This is especially true while you are recovering from LASIK. Rubbing your eyes can lead to serious complications. Your eyes will thank you.

Putting Eye Drops In Wrong

Speaking of eye drops, did you know that there’s a right way to put them in? Many people open up their eye and drop it in. For the best results, this is not the right way.

If drops aren’t supposed to go into the eye or overflow, they could lead to infection. This is even more likely in eyes that are recovering after having LASIK. LASIK makes your eyes much more susceptible to infections while they are healing.

When putting in eye drops, first remove the lid, being careful not to touch the tip of the applicator to anything. Then, holding the bottle in your dominant hand, use your other hand to pull down the lower lid of your eye.

Squeeze the bottle using light pressure and aiming for the new pocket. Only apply one drop at a time to avoid overfilling. When finished, immediately replace the cap (again be careful not to touch the tip!) and wipe away any excess tears with a fresh tissue.

Immediately Going Back To Your Old Routine

It can be tempting to jump back into your favorite activities right after the surgery. After all, most patients have better vision immediately after the procedure. Don’t do it! Even though your eyes may feel okay, they are still healing.

It’s important to limit your day to day activities, at least until your doctor clears you.  Avoid things like swimming, heavy lifting, and wearing makeup for the first week or so after LASIK. It may take up to a month to begin playing contact sports.

Like any surgery, LASIK requires ample time for recovery. Give your eyes and body the time they need to rest and heal. LASIK is a life-changing procedure. Avoid complications by taking all prescribed eye drops and following instructions.

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