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Are you too old for LASIK with Associates in Ophthalmology?
Although LASIK is an amazing procedure, it is not right for everyone. LASIK can help you reclaim your eyesight but the simple fact of the matter is that your doctor has to make sure that your results will be perfect. There are several factors that can disqualify people from being considered a candidate for LASIK, including age. Keep reading to learn more about how age can be a factor in LASIK!

You Can Be Too Young For LASIK

One of the limiting factors that may make you ineligible to receive LASIK is, in fact, your age. However, there is good news. Your age only affects your LASIK candidacy if you are too young. There is no upper age limit for undergoing LASIK! Plenty of senior citizens have chosen to undergo the surgery and leave with outstanding vision. If your eyes are healthy and you don’t have cataracts, older patients make great LASIK candidates! However, if you are under 18, you are not legally able to get laser vision surgery like LASIK. Even if you are over the age of 18, but still in your early twenties, most LASIK surgeons recommend waiting to get LASIK until your mid-twenties.

Not being able to undergo LASIK if you are too young may sound strange, but there’s a very good reason why. When you are young, your body goes through many changes rapidly, especially your eyesight. The hormones that your body creates can affect your vision quickly and unpredictably. If your vision was “corrected” during this time, it could end up needing to be fixed just a few years later. This is because your eyes may not fully stabilize until you are 25 or 26. To be a good candidate for LASIK, your prescription must be stable for at least a year prior to the procedure.

Other LASIK Qualifications

Besides age, there are many other things that are taken into consideration when being assessed for LASIK. The only way to know for sure if you match the criteria for LASIK candidacy is to set up a consultation at our clinic in Livingston, NJ. Here are some of the most important qualifications to keep in mind:

Like being under the age of 18, pregnancy can have a wild effect on your hormones. These hormones can also affect your eyes. In order to avoid problems, your LASIK surgeon will recommend that you wait several months after nursing has finished before getting LASIK.

Another important factor for getting LASIK is being healthy. Certain conditions, diseases, or disorders may interfere with aspects of the surgery. For example, diabetes can negatively affect your vision and eye health, and autoimmune disorders can complicate recovery. Eye diseases, in particular, can be troublesome. If you have chronic dry eye syndrome, you may not qualify for LASIK until it has been treated and is under control.

Corneal Thickness
Corneal thickness is a key part of LASIK candidacy. When LASIK is performed, a tiny amount of corneal tissue is removed when the cornea is reshaped to correct your vision. If your corneas are not thick enough, your eyes are likely to suffer severe complications after LASIK. If your corneas are too thin, you may be a candidate for an alternative procedure, such as PRK. The only way to find out if your corneas are the correct thickness is to schedule your LASIK consultation!

Don’t let age get in the way of clear vision. Schedule your LASIK consultation with Associates in Ophthalmology today!