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Most people who have gotten LASIK most likely agree that the sooner you get it, the better. A visually-free lifestyle is more convenient, safer, and more spontaneous. 

Getting LASIK any time of the year is an excellent choice. However, you’ll notice some seasonally-specific benefits immediately after having LASIK in the winter.

Keep reading to learn four reasons to consider LASIK this winter!

Get Ready for Allergy Season

LASIK won’t prevent you from dealing with annoying allergy symptoms when spring rolls around. However, it can certainly make allergies easier to handle. 

When pollen makes your eyes itch uncontrollably, eye drops can safely provide relief. Wearing glasses adds an obstacle between you and refreshment. 

Contacts can exacerbate your allergy symptoms even more. Not only does taking your contacts out require more time, but they can also add to the irritation. 

LASIK lets you remove yourself from the drama entirely. If you act now, your eyes will be recovered and ready to explore by the time the snow melts!     

Recover Before Summer

Fully recovering from LASIK by spring is nice, but many people live for summer festivities. Summertime is when you hit the beach, get involved with a local sports team, or otherwise enjoy the outdoors.

What do all of those activities have in common? They are harder to enjoy while wearing glasses.

The beach is an easy place to lose your glasses in the surf or your contacts in the sand. Sports are difficult to play safely while wearing glasses but impossible to play without them. 

You can go for a hike just fine while wearing contacts, but they can get uncomfortable if left in too long. Getting LASIK now ensures that you won’t have to skip a beat this summer. 

Jump right into the fun and choose LASIK today!  

Start the Savings

That’s right, LASIK can be an excellent financial investment. Consider the amount of money you spend on contacts or glasses over the course of a decade. 

LASIK can dramatically reduce or possibly eliminate those costs. While LASIK may be a sizable cost up front, it lasts a lifetime. 

Any money you don’t have to spend on various lenses is back in your pocket. LASIK surgery can even end up paying for itself within two years! 

Getting LASIK this winter means getting LASIK now so you can save even more over time. 

Appreciate the Little Things 

LASIK can have enormous benefits, like saving money or changing your outdoor lifestyle. However, LASIK is really about the many little ways it changes your life. 

You can stay cozy in bed on a cold winter morning for just a little longer since you don’t have to put in your contacts. You can wake up more alert since you can see your surroundings right away. 

You can save yourself some stress because you won’t have to worry if what you are doing could make you lose your contacts or break your glasses. The small changes LASIK makes to your life add up fast!

Are you interested in learning if you may be a candidate for LASIK? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Associates in Ophthalmology in Livingston, NJ, so that you can experience visual freedom this winter!