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LASIK is a safe and effective treatment for correcting common vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

LASIK can eliminate the need to rely on glasses and contact lenses by permanently restoring your vision.

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During laser eye surgery, lasers are used to cut and reshape the cornea. Reshaping the cornea will allow your eye to better focus light rays onto the retina, which will significantly improve your vision. The corneal flap gets lifted as the cornea gets reshaped before it is closed back and begins to heal on its own. Numbing eye drops make the procedure virtually painless and a lot more comfortable. LASIK only takes about fifteen minutes from start to finish and the results are permanent and life-lasting. Results typically yield 20/20 vision or better.

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Serious side effects of LASIK are extremely rare. Irritation and sensitivity experienced in the first few days following the procedure are not uncommon and are expected to improve during recovery.

While glare, halos and dry eyes can be experienced after having vision correction surgery, these effects are temporary and should disappear in the first few months following the procedure. We advise you to take it easy for the first two weeks following the procedure to allow for optimal recovery while your vision stabilizes.


iLASIK is the most advanced and safest method of LASIK currently available. iLASIK incorporates several of the newest advancements into one streamlined procedure.

Standard iLASIK is a 3-step procedure:
  1. A flap is created on the surface of the cornea.
  2. A computer-controlled excimer laser is then used to remove the proper amount of corneal tissue. In less than one minute, the excimer laser reshapes the internal layers of the cornea.
  3. The thin flap of corneal tissue is then folded back into its original position, where it bonds after only a few minutes of drying.

iLASIK takes the original LASIK surgery and upgrades it to make it even more safe and effective by adding custom treatment with wavefront mapping and IntraLase™.

Blade-Free IntraLase™

100% blade-free LASIK

The IntraLase FS laser is a highly precise tool aiding in corneal flap creation, the first step in laser vision correction surgery. During the procedure, the IntraLase laser fires 15,000 pulses per second into the cornea, where the flap can be created at a depth and diameter determined by the surgeon as appropriate for each individual patient. In addition to benefiting from this pinpoint (2-3 micron) accuracy, patients who undergo surgery conducted with the IntraLase laser are less likely to need an enhancement (follow-up) procedure than with other technologies.

Dr. Andrew Miller is an experienced, board-certified LASIK surgeon who has performed thousands of highly successful laser eye surgeries to clients throughout the Livingston and greater New Jersey areas in his 10 years of experience. If you’re ready to experience the life-changing benefits of LASIK, contact us to book your free LASIK consultation!

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