Comprehensive Eye Exam

Dr. Fejzo performing an Eye Exam

Eye Exams in Livingston, NJ

At Associates in Ophthalmology, we are committed to using the most advanced technology to give you a complete and accurate comprehensive eye exam to clients throughout the Livingston and greater New Jersey areas!

The Importance of Routine Eye Exams

It is important to have a comprehensive eye exam every 1-2 years:
  • To detect early warning signs of eye conditions such as glaucoma and diabetic eye disease have no early warning signs
  • To detect changes in vision for appropriate prescription and/or treatment
  • To ensure the maintenance of healthy eyes and vision
  • To determine visual acuity (reading charts)
  • To asses eye focus, teaming and eye movement

A comprehensive eye exam may include eye dilation. With a few eye drops, your pupils will expand which will allow your doctor to see the inside of your eye. Your eyes may be a little sensitive to light following the eye dilation, but this is normal and should clear up within a few hours. We advise you not to drive until your eyes have readjusted back to their normal state, so be sure to bring along someone that can drive you home.

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Now that you know the benefits of a general eye exam, schedule an appointment with the eye doctors at Associates in Ophthalmology. We offer eye exams to the Livingston and surrounding NJ areas. Is it time for your annual Eye Examination? Contact us to schedule your appointment, we can be reached at 973-992-5200.

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